Called to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tomás Terry theater, a very important cultural center in the city of Cienfuegos. The Award has been created to celebrate every year a new anniversary of its foundation. It is an encounter space for different approaches of the Cuban theater.  The Terry Award was created to treasure and socialize the cultural legacy of this theater from the Cuban 19th century, as well as stimulating the historical research of personalities and events from the theater, dance and music world witnessed by this theater.



It is possible to compete in the following categories: social investigation, graphical memory and audio-visual memory.


Winners of the previous editions of the Terry Award:






Gloria Torres Lafont by the Documentary “Histories to count”.

Omar George Carpi, journalist, by the audiovisuall “Scheming”.

“Multimedia: "Seeds for the history of a theater”, by Jorge Luis Marí Ramos and Luis Orlando Ávalos Valdés.



Mirtha Lilia Pedro Capó (female performance by the play "Trial and public sentence of Charlotte Corday, by Teatro del Silencio)

Lester Martinez García (male performance by the play Ay, mi amor, by Teatro El Público)

Nelson Águila (Production of the play Eureka en apuros, by El Mejunje theater group)

Carlos Diaz (Production of the play, Ay, mi amor, by Teatro El Público)



Arq. Severino Rodriguez (Terry Award to Graphical Memory)

Jorge Luis Marí (Terry Award in the category of Audiovisual by his work Los pinceles de Salaya)



Maria Gema Castro (female performance by the play Suite para Katherin sola, by Estudio Teatral Vivarta)

Osvaldo Doimeadiós (male performance by the play Santa Cecilia, Teatro El Público)

Carlos Diaz (Production of Santa Cecilia, by Teatro El Público)

Gerald Fulleda Leon (Dramatic art in scene by the play Remiendos, with the prouction title El otro Javier)



Christian Medina (Production by the play El Ruiseñor, by Teatro de Títeres Retablo)


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