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Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

The sonorities with which Pancho Amat has been...

March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in Cienfuegos

March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in Cienfuegos

With lamps and clocks, the second edition of the...

Eliseo Diego and

Eliseo Diego and "the terrible splendor of being alive".

It has been 27 years since the great Cuban poet...

  • Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

    Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

  • March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in Cienfuegos

    March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in...

  • Eliseo Diego and

    Eliseo Diego and "the terrible splendor of being...


Guiñol theater moves small-format plays to digital platform

 Guiñol theater moves small-format plays to digital platform

The local  Guiñol theater group  leaves the stage and reaches children from the network. Since last January, with more than 6 theatrical shows, the actors keep alive the systematic work of a collective faithful to its history and audience.

The situation caused by COVID-19 changed the routines also for the Guiñol theater of Cienfuegos. Conventional shows are now moved to cyberspace every Sunday afternoon, which has imposed new challenges for the group's actors.

Daymani Blanco Serra, director of the Guiñol Cienfuegos Theater Group, explains that "theater is face-to-face. It is very difficult for a group to perform a live play without people. We have had to adapt to the ways of doing in social networks and many times we do not have all the necessary technology".

According to Yanisleidy Ruiz, actress of  Guiñol Cienfuegos, "Just having a camera in front of you is a challenge for those of us who are beginners in online transmissions. In your mind you have to create an incentive to go on stage and imagine that the children are watching".

The initiatives are small-format productions, shows that do not exceed three actors in order to comply with health standards. In this way, plays such as Juanín y Tun tun tun and Si yo te contara (If I were to tell you), which the children prefer, are brought to the stage.

Blanco Serra added that "we are also working with the Computing Youth Clubs to bring these productions to the backpacks and thus reach not only those who have access to the Internet, but all children who are eager for theater".

The Guiñol Cienfuegos is thus developing an atypical day to celebrate the International Theater Day, which will last until March 27, and, with these alternatives, to shorten distances with its public.
(Taken from Perlavisión)

English version Hector Hdez.

Art Instructor's Day: with the Shield and the Sword

Art Instructor's Day: with the Shield and the Sword

Recognizing the work of art instructors, either those who work in our schools or those who do it from each House of Culture, is the purpose of the day of tribute to this "army of art soldiers", who next Thursday 18, will celebrate their day, in honor of Olga Alonso, and our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, who 60 years ago had the idea of creating the National School of Art Instructors (ENIA), which was nurtured by young people from all over the country.

Fidel is also responsible for the creation 17 years ago of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade (BJM), a cultural movement committed to the Cuban Revolution and to the profession of teaching the people, made up of graduates of these institutions that emerged in the heat of the Battle of Ideas.

"Trainers of patriots, of revolutionaries and of excellence in art", as Fidel himself said of them, from the very beginning of this memorable cultural page of our history, which the Cuban Revolution has fought - and still is fighting, the art instructors daily fulfill the noble task of contributing to the cultural formation of Cuban men and women, a task they multiply in every neighborhood, community, student center and House of Culture, even in scenarios such as the mountains and hundreds of workplaces where they sow the seed of the Movement of Amateur Artists.

When we talk about the figure of the cultural promoter or community agent, there is the figure of the art instructor, in any of its manifestations and above all, in the work of preserving and maintaining our cultural heritage, our roots.

The recognition that the Ministry of Culture and the National Council of Houses of Culture have been giving since last Sunday to Cuban art instructors is one more example that the cultural policy outlined by the Revolution since its inception in 1959 until today is a single one.

They, the hundreds of art instructors who today continue writing new heroic pages in our culture, do it, as did the first ones formed by the Revolution, with culture as their shield and permanent sword.
(Taken from Granma)

English version Hector Hdez.


Cienfuegos Union of Computer Scientists promotes projects for digital transformation

The Innovation Laboratory for Digital Transfor

The Innovation Laboratory for Digital Transformation, promoted by the Cienfuegos branch of the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba, receives the final adjustments of the civil work, for its start-up, scheduled for early March.

Gisela Díaz García, president of that organization in the province, said that the center is a collaborative space for the active experimentation of the citizens, who will be able to access that headquarters in order to create projects from one or multiple ideas.

The engineer specified that the Innovation Laboratory for Digital Transformation will be a reference for the realization of an initiative that involves several institutions of the cultural sector , where changes will be produced with the use of new technologies.

The project, with scope in five provinces of the country, contemplated in its initial idea the Palacio Ferrer and Provincial Museums of the Arts, to which is now added that of the Fortress of Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles de Jagua, as well as the Trazos Libres Creative Zone and the Tomás Terry Theater.

This will improve the experience of visitors to these institutions, through the use of interactive digital screens and QR code to access information about the pieces or artistic works.

(Taken from RCM)
English version Hector Hdez.

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