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Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

The sonorities with which Pancho Amat has been...

March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in Cienfuegos

March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in Cienfuegos

With lamps and clocks, the second edition of the...

Eliseo Diego and

Eliseo Diego and "the terrible splendor of being alive".

It has been 27 years since the great Cuban poet...

  • Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

    Memories of Pancho Amat in instrumental format

  • March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in Cienfuegos

    March of lamps and clocks for handicrafts in...

  • Eliseo Diego and

    Eliseo Diego and "the terrible splendor of being...


Ministry of Culture workers faced media provocation

Ministry of Culture workers faced media provocation

Last December, the Ministry of Culture issued a statement entitled "Those who want to dialogue break it " The document was drafted after Fernando Rojas, deputy minister of Culture, received via e-mail an "unacceptable" text from some of the people he met with last November 27 at the institution itself, when, on a date that was very meaningful for Cubans, a group of artists gathered in front of the headquarters, some of them following a call on social networks, from people whose interest was not to discuss cultural issues.
The document ratified that the institution would not agree to meet "with people who have direct contact with and receive financing, logistical support and propaganda support from the U.S. government", nor "with press media financed by U.S. federal agencies".  

In November, members of the misnamed San Isidro Movement used contempt and assumed a posture of force to get their demands met. Many of those who arrived at the Ministry were staging a peaceful demonstration; however, others, previously instructed, raised a diversity of concerns, ideas and demands. Citizens involved in acts of vandalism against stores which sell  in freely convertible currency on the Island also participated.

Now, shortly before a virtual March of the Torches took place on social networks, called by young people for January 27, to commemorate the 168th anniversary of the birth of José Martí, the Ministry once again ratified its principles, this time facing a counterrevolutionary provocation and reaffirming its willingness to dialogue without conditions or blackmail.

The Mincult published on Twitter that the institution "ratifies its willingness to dialogue with honest creators on any issue related to the cultural policy of the Cuban Revolution and reiterates its refusal to accept provocations or dialogue with mercenaries".

The message, part of a note issued by the institution, entitled "They don't want dialogue and they provoke to the limit", is published in connection with an incident that occurred yesterday morning, when a meeting was scheduled with three spokesmen designated for dialogue by a small group of people who have been characterized by their provocative attitude and their relationship with media paid by U.S. federal agencies.  

About thirty people showed up in front of the headquarters and were asked to favor the dialogue or leave because of the risk that crowds in public spaces entail in times of covid-19.

Faced with the refusal, the Ministry's workers reacted immediately, gathered in front of the provocateurs and urged them to leave.

Alpidio Alonso, Minister of Culture, said on the occasion: "They do not want any dialogue. They were invited several times to enter and they did not want to  And we are not going to allow this in the Ministry of Culture. We are working too hard here for them to come here with this kind of provocation. They don't respect the whole artistic movement of this country which is revolutionary.... If they come in a defiant and provocative tone like now, they are going to find the energetic response of our people."


Regarding events such as those described above, Javier Gómez Sánchez, Media specialist, considers that the first thing that must be clear in the current circumstances is "that the first and main aggression, the main violence, is to besiege an institution and create a state of siege to the people who work in it".

Another of the elements reiterated by the counterrevolution is "to refuse any understanding, to use cell phones and social networks to mobilize more people, to manipulate the media, and to do so while receiving money from the country that maintains a cruel economic, financial and commercial blockade against ours, in order to create the worst possible environment, to provoke as much as possible, until they achieve a reaction that they can use in their favor".

Gomez Sanchez urges all revolutionaries to gain clarity on the objectives of the counterrevolution, which seeks to hide the main violence, and tries to get us to judge the revolutionaries besieged by the provocations, instead of supporting them.

Just look at those who are among the first to react in "solidarity" with the rioters, and you will immediately know what  the intentions are of the "peaceful and patriotic artists ready for dialogue" who are besieging state institutions. Shortly after the provocation, the U.S. Embassy published on Twitter its concern for the "demonstrators", and dared to give advice to the Cuban government to listen to those who are paid with the subversion dollars financed, by the millions, by the White House.

(Taken from Granma)

Young creators from Cienfuegos turn to virtual space

Young creators from Cienfuegos  turn to virtual space


The young artistic vanguard of Cienfuegos is once again turning to virtual spaces in view of the temporary closure of institutions and cultural centers in the Pearl of the South, due to the complex epidemiological situation the territory is going through with the outbreak of COVID-19.

Frank Armando Pérez Aguayo, president of the Saíz Brothers Association (AHS) in the province, informed about the decision to resume the promotional capsules, an initiative successfully developed last year during the first months of the pandemic.

"This was an essential tool to visualize the work of young creators in Cienfuegos, at different scales and at levels much higher than what we were used to. That is why we advocate keeping it now, to remain active and connected with our audiences through social networks and other platforms of the digital scenario," he said.

The intention is to continue recording the "capsules" in the course of 2021, as they constitute audiovisual materials of great value. Up today there are around 60 and work is underway to produce many more, dedicated to theatrical and dance groups.

Others," said Pérez Aguayo, "will involve honorary members of the organization, as well as local artists recognized with the Maestro de Juventudes(Youth teacher) distinction awarded by the AHS. They will also show the interweaving between the young artistic vanguard and more established exponents such as singer-songwriters Rosa Campo, Ariel Barreiros, and   Los Novo brothers".

Along with these actions, the association intends to add new creators of the different manifestations of art in the territory, in order to respond to the organic flow and constant renewal that it demands. In addition, it will take advantage of the potential of its gallery to carry out, virtually, collective and personal exhibitions.

Perez Aguayo highlighted the usefulness of the promotional capsules and the presence in social networks in the times of COVID-19. "It has allowed us to remain close to young artists and has made the AHS a more active, visible and connected organization with the different segments of the public; an advocate of art for all," he said.

Taken from 5 de septiembre digital

English version Hector Hdez.

Virtual March of the Torches will illuminate the Internet for Martí

Virtual March of the Torches will illuminate the Internet for Martí



Desde Cuba, una Marcha de las Antorchas virtual iluminará internet por Martí
A virtual March of the Torches, called by young people for January 27 under the hashtags #AntorchasMartianas #IdealesDeLuz #JuvenilMartiano, will light up the Internet from 9:00 p. m. to commemorate the 168th anniversary of the birth of José Martí.  

This traditional pilgrimage, led by students of all educational levels, from the steps of the University of Havana to the Martí Forge, was held for the first time at midnight on January 27, 1953, to await the centenary of the birth of the Apostle and as a firm response to the opprobrious situation in which the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista plunged the Cuban people.

As part of the tribute, on January 28 there will be a "tuitazo" with the light of his ideas. Between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., on that day, those who study and follow the ideas of the Apostle will share messages for the date invited by the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and other youth and cultural organizations that, together, have promoted this activity.

The Martiano Program Office will also play an important role in this day during which, in addition, transcendental moments of the Apostle's life will be remembered: it will be 130 years since the poet published the essay Our America and 140 years since his arrival in Venezuela. The planned activities also commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution and the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the Martiano Youth Movement and the Latin American Identity Day.

The Office... and the José Martí Cultural Society, both led by Dr. Eduardo Torres-Cuevas, together with the existing Martiano clubs on the island, have organized contests, colloquiums, workshops and a Martiana vigil to celebrate the date.

On January 28, the national event will take place and, as part of the actions to celebrate the anniversary, a conference by Torres-Cuevas, an online exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the project En todas partes soy, and a conference on Our America to be given at the Center for Martí Studies by Dr. Marlene Vázquez Pérez, a specialist in studies related to Martí's work, are planned.   

On the other hand, the Movimiento Juvenil Martiano(Martiano Youth Movement) -which in alliance with the UJC already held the Encuentro Internacional Virtual Virtual Martianos hoy por nuestra América- will now hold the virtual forodebate Ante la tempestad, siempre Martí (Before the storm, always Martí). It will take place on the 25th, from the blog Juvenil Martiano del Movimiento. They also invite you to participate on January 27 in the Virtual Youth Meeting With the bow oar.

The activities in homage to the National Hero have been taking place since January 20 and will last until January 30, reports Radio Reloj.
(Taken from Granma)

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