Cuban contestant at the San Remo Music awards

Cuban contestant at the San Remo Music awards

Cienfuegos-born Aníbal Ramos Mejías,recently selected among the 16 contestants to the San Remo Music Awards Festival, scheduled to take place for the first time in Cuba in April 2022, considers himself a lover of bolero and filin.

Ramos Mejías, 36 years old, graduated   in  the  arts instructors school  and choir director at the Sabina Suarez del Villar House of Culture in Aguada de Pasajeros, was the first soloist to be selected for one of the most important international events in Europe.

In declarations to the Cuban News Agency and without being able to hide his joy, he explained that he interpreted the song La montaña, by Spanish composer Augusto Algueró, and then sent the video to the contest, whose requirements established that the pieces could be sung a capella, or with the accompaniment of piano or guitar.

He said that he still does not have the repertoire at hand with which he will compete next April, but personally, as a singing teacher, he is inclined to choose works linked to bell canto.

I have as reference Esther Borja, well known for singing anthological pages, and for being an interpreter with a very wide vocal register and with a very fine technique", said Ramos Mejías.

She also declared to be inclined to bolero, with pages such as Dolor de amor, by Gonzalo Roig; Una rosa de Francia, by Rodrigo Prats, and also to be a lover of the filin side, with works by José Antonio Méndez and César Portillo de la Luz.

This is because they are songs that mark a milestone in Cuban music, and what better place to listen to these songs than in an event of the stature of San Remo festival, said the singer, and added: "Bolero is the genre that suits me best, because as a countertenor I can work these works in the high register".

The artistic career of this Cienfuegos born as director of two groups, the Claudio Monteverde male choir and the Canto Nostro mixed choir of his hometown, has allowed him to participate in various events from the Cubadisco Festival to the Santa Clara Canto.

For this first edition of San Remo outside Italy, which will be held in Havana, 759 Cubans entered the competition, of which 16 were selected to perform authentic Cuban musical themes between April 5 and 10 next year.

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