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Postcards from Cuba: A French City in the Caribbean

Postcards from Cuba: A French City in the Caribbean

Bathed by the Caribbean waters in southern Cuba and...

New audiobooks available for the little ones at home

New audiobooks available for the little ones at home

The audiobooks El Capitán Amor, La Reina de la Isla...

  • International Cervantino Festival in Mexico will have Cuba as Guest of Honor Country

    International Cervantino Festival in Mexico will...

  • Postcards from Cuba: A French City in the Caribbean

    Postcards from Cuba: A French City in the...

  • New audiobooks available for the little ones at home

    New audiobooks available for the little ones at...


Avantti Quintet and other groups from Cienfuegos invited to Festival

For the first time since its creation, the Avantti Woodwind Quintet from Cienfuegos will perform outside the province, at the "A Tempo con Caturla" Chamber Music Festival, which in 2021 will have an international character. The invitation came from the president of the Organizing Committee of the event, Maikel Iglesias.

With almost twelve years of professional career, this ensemble has included in its repertoire traditional Cuban music themes by authors such as Benny Moré, Miguel Matamoros and María Teresa Vera. Among the international classics performed are pieces by Argentine Astor Piazzola and Tchaikovsky.

In his presentations, Avantti assumes as habitual practice the interaction with other artistic manifestations, so far the visual arts and theater. As it happened during his last concert, last December 20, at the A Cuestas hall in Cienfuegos.

Maikel Iglesias, also a musician and director of the Villa Clara Male Choir, also confirmed the presence in the Festival of the Diademas Flute Orchestra, the Cantores de Cienfuegos Choir and the Chamber Orchestra of this province.

"In the 24 editions of the Festival, the presentations of the  Flute Orquestra  Diademas and the  Cantores de Cienfuegos choir  have been marked by excellence," he said.

So far, musicians and ensembles from Cuba and some 20 countries have confirmed their participation in the Chamber Music Festival "A Tempo con Caturla", to be held online from March 2 to 7, based in the central province of Villa Clara.

"The Organizing Committee of the A Tempo con Caturla Chamber Music Festival and the Hermanos Saíz Association, after analyzing the current sanitary conditions by COVID-19 in the national territory, have decided that the edition corresponding to 2021 will be held online and open for the first time to international participation," reads the announcement.


Fourth-year French horn student Kevin Bouza is the most recent member of the Avantti Classical Wind Quintet.

The twenty-fifth edition of the meeting will be attended by important exponents of chamber music in the world. Maikel Iglesias confirmed the participation of Russian pianist Dmitri Myachin, a graduate of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.

With a solid professional career, Mychian has received important awards in international competitions and is currently the director of the Krylia Art Center in Beijing.

For his part, Italian accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo, another figure who will be at "A Tempo con Caturla" posted on social networks that "The pandemic has stopped live concerts, but not music and above all it does not stop the warmth of the Cuban people".

This year, the Festival will be dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the birth of Alejandro García Caturla; 35th anniversary of the Hermanos Saíz Association; 100th anniversary of the Latin Institute of Music; 95th anniversary of the founding of the Villa Clara Symphony Orchestra and will celebrate the 80th birthday of Maestro Chucho Valdés, who will be the guest of honor.

Other personalities who will also be honored will be Maestro José Antonio Méndez Valencia, Youth Master Award of the Hermanos Saíz Association on his 70th birthday, and the Maestros Edesio Alejandro and Huberal Herrera, both winners of the National Music Award.

Regarding their participation in the event, the flutist and director of the Avantti Classical Wind Quintet, Carilin Palacios Llanes, said: "We are very proud of it, because we will be sharing with national and international musicians and groups of great quality and prestige. 'A Tempo con Caturla' will represent the launching of our classical music quintet to other stages and audiences, which is very important for us at this stage of our career."

The diffusion of the XXV A Tempo con Caturla Festival of Chamber Music will take place on the platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram; as well as on the television stations Telecubanacán, of Villa Clara, Canal Clave of Cuban television and the radio stations CMHW, FM Stereo and CMBF Radio Musical Nacional.

In the courtyard of the Leblanc Palace, Avantti records a repertoire of 5 pieces for its participation in the Festival A Tempo con Caturla.


(Taken from 5 de Septiembre)

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