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Group exhibition embraces art

Group exhibition embraces art

Creators from the Saíz Brothers Association (AHS) and...

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

Music returned this Wednesday to the big stages of...

"Los Elementos", National Prize for Community Culture 2021: Filled with Pleasure

The National Community Culture Award 2021, granted by...

  • Group exhibition embraces art

    Group exhibition embraces art

  • El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

    El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban...

  • "Los Elementos", National Prize for Community...

Traditions and Legends


Many years passed since the day in which the good man Joseph Diaz settled in Jagua. The sun had burned his face and time had made his hair to look White. But, in a constant contact with mother nature, far away from sorrow, work, and sinsabores giving by civilisation, he would have an incredible strength, health and joy. He was alwayns willing to help with his effort and advise to the simple local inhabitants, the siboney people, and so he was very loved and respected by them.

We consider that Díaz maintained relations with the pirates that frequented these shores. We can also add that those relations were not pecaminosas. For he would not take part of the their fechorías. He would limit to contracts he could not avoid, for him not to turn them into dangerous enemies.

One day he received in his modest bohío in Tureira, an unexpected visitor, a very famous pirat whose name was never revealed by the legends. He was accompanied by a very beautiful woman, with a enfermizo look and whose body showed that she would a mother soon.

- José Díaz –said the pirate-, you are a good and honorable man. A desalmado like me can trust you. I have come to ask a favor from you. I will give you whatever you ask me.

-  My favors have no price,- said the honorable man.

-  But I know how to paid them, for me not to thank them for eternity. I will leave this woman in your house.

-  Is she your daughter?- asked Díaz.

-  No, she is not.

-  Your wife maybe?

-  It is not of your concern what my relation with this woman is. You just have to know that I care about her, and especially, I´m interested about the little one she is carrying inside. Take good care of her, because she has lost her mind, and, when she becomes a mother, take the child and rise it as a father.

Díaz gave his promess and so the pirate left, leaving in the bohío, along with the young woman, a great number of arcas and chests, brought by his sailors and which contained valuable dresses, jewelry, odoríferas resinas and perfumed roots, and everything that could be asked by any coqueta and encaprichada lady. However, nothing seemed to grab the attention of Estrella, -which was the name of the young woman, -and she would lie quiet, mute, insensible to any ruegos and questions, her look was vague and lost in emptiness. Only from time to time, her eyes would acquire a painful expression and her descoloridos lips would move pronouncing isolated words, with no ilación and sense. Fugaces allucinations would leave her motionless, and with light temblores in her entire body.

Who was that woman? What horrible mistery was hidden by her life? It was impossible to know, for she would say anything, and the pirate did not say much. She could be a cautiva, violently retained by the pirate, gone crazy after a great tragedy. Díaz hold the hope to know the truth said by the young woman herself to which he would assist giving the most tender and especial attention.

Unfortunately, although she did recover some of her previous health, she continue to be insane and a few months later she dio a luz, but died delivering, taking the secret of her life to the grave. She left a gift to this world, a tender being, a girl, to whom Díaz bautizo with the name of Azurina.


(Taken from the book: "Tradiciones y leyendas de Cienfuegos", by Adrián del Valle, 1919.)


Translated by: Osmany Ortiz González (Azurina) 



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