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Group exhibition embraces art

Group exhibition embraces art

Creators from the Saíz Brothers Association (AHS) and...

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

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"Los Elementos", National Prize for Community Culture 2021: Filled with Pleasure

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  • Group exhibition embraces art

    Group exhibition embraces art

  • El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

    El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban...

  • "Los Elementos", National Prize for Community...

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A cultural center devoted to Benny Moré will be soon finished

To pay a tribute to El Gran Sonero de Cuba (The Great Sonero of Cuba) in his native province stimulated in Cienfuegos the creation of the Cultural Center Benny Moré, which creation advances in these days.  The institution will regulate the Festival of Popular Music which has been named after El Bárbaro del Ritmo which is also celebrated every year in Santa Isabel de las Lajas. Some other purposes of this insitution are to promote community researches and activities.

 According to Carlos Diaz, director of the Center, “an information team composed by specialists is already working in the rescue of the patrimony related to the life and works of El Benny. We are creating a digital fund, to which the users will be able to accede soon. We have compiled a research made by the emblematic speaker and scriptwriter, Humberto Alvanés, who during 17 years wrote a radial segment devoted to this icon of the Cuban music.

Regard to the creation of this institution the Sello Siguaraya was also created, within the Publishing House Mecenas, in order to stimulate the local musicology studies”.  The Cultural Center Benny Moré, will be located at the city´s old quarter. The institution is now in construction. “According to the year´s budget the building´s inner part as well as the facade will be restored. In 2014 we must conclude with the total restoration”, pointed out Jose Ramon Chaviano, the head of the works.

Despite the fact that the institution has not been opened yet, inside, the specialists of the future Information Center, rescue part of the local patrimony related to the eternal Benny Moré.  “We count with the necessary equipment for the document capture, the creation of the documentary fund. In addition soon we will initiate several services like internet search, photocopies, text, audio-visual and discography loans”, declared Roxana Ramirez. Information specialist at the Cultural Center Benny More

While, the head of the center´s Communication Department Mailín González, added “the relevance of maintaining a constant dialog with different local cultural institutions and the University of Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodriguez”. The Center hopes to solve some demands related to nonconformities regarding the treatment given in Cienfuegosof to this important personality of our national culture.

“It is important to recognize that we are not pleased with the tributes paid to El Benny in Cienfuegos. The loss of systematicity in the Festival of Lajas, or the lack of a coordinated or coherent design of the spaces named after him or which make a certain allegory to his musical creation are just some examples of this”.

The purpose of the Cultural Center Benny Moré is to allow an enriching interchange between the different academic and art institutions of the province. It is a space that wishes to be included in the province´s cultural sphere.

Translated by: Osmany Ortiz González (Azurina)

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