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Group exhibition embraces art

Group exhibition embraces art

Creators from the Saíz Brothers Association (AHS) and...

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

Music returned this Wednesday to the big stages of...

"Los Elementos", National Prize for Community Culture 2021: Filled with Pleasure

The National Community Culture Award 2021, granted by...

  • Group exhibition embraces art

    Group exhibition embraces art

  • El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

    El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban...

  • "Los Elementos", National Prize for Community...

Rice and Chicken


1.Rinse the chicken and dry it. Mix the oregano, cummin, white pepper and vinegar in a large glass container. Add the chicken, stir the portions to cover them with the mixture. Marinate it and let it rest for 15 minutes.

2. Warm up the oil in a large casserole. Brown the chiken portions throughout, approximately 2 minutes by each side. Place the chicken in a bowl and remove the fat leaving only 2 spoonfuls.

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Preparation time

15 Minutes

Cooking time:

30 Minutes

Difficulty (from 1 to 5): 1


1- Wash the rice

2- Warm up the oil and fry the noodles until they are brown, remove from the oil.

3- Fry the rice in he same oil (constantly stirring to avoid that it gets burned)

4- Add the boiled water and the salt, let boil, add the noodles and stir well.

5- When it absorbs the water lower the fire to the maximum (30 minutes).

6- Serve with vegetables.





1.In a pot to the fire add butter and sauté the onion until it gets transparent.

2.Add the rice and the pimientos and fry until the rice is covered by butter.

3.Add the Vegetable Consomé solved in water.

4.Low the fire, cover and let dry.


Portions: 4-6 portions.

Time of preparation: 30 minutes.



1.Marinade the turkey inside and outside with crushed garlics, salt, pepper and oregano in addition to the cumin, and squeeze a Seville orange.

2.Let it in a marinade preferably from the previous night.

3.Stuff the turkey with the rice previously cooked in the style of Moors and Christians or congrí, which continues to soften inside turkey, reason why it does not get completely cooked. In addition, it is not advisable to stuff too much the turkey, because the rice grows even more.

4.The turkey should closed by sewing it with a thread and then you must put it into the furnace to 150ºC during 2 1/2 or 3 hours.

5.Spread some fat while roasting it for the turkey not to get quickly dry.


Translated by: Osmany Ortiz González (Azurina)




1.cook the white rice without salt and fat and let it cool.

2.Cook the seafood, fish or chicken and cut it into cubes as well as the ham, jamonada or pork.

3.Make omelettes with a single egg and cut them in strips.

4-Rinse the Chinese beans well and if you don´t have use a cut raw cabbage.

5.Heat the oil and fry the crushed garlics until they are brown, add the rice, stir it, and when it is hot pour all the ingredients little by little without stirring.

6.The last ingredient to be adde is the scallion.

7.Serve hot.


Translated by: Osmany Ortiz (Azurina)

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