Workshop on Immaterial Heritage

May  2015

It allows the interrelation of all technical, methodological and scientific experiences in the formation, education, communication, conservation, documentation and suchlike dissemination of heritage, its trends, regularities, values and socio-cultural processes that enable the socialization of scientific results.


Periodicity: Yearly

Sponsored by: Provincial center of Cultural Heritage of Cienfuegos, Museum Fortaleza Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua.

Venue: Museum Fortaleza Nuestra Señora of the angels of Jagua.

Postal address: Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage, Avenue 54 # 2702 and 27 and 29 Cienfuegos. Museum Fortaleza Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua, Jagua Castle, Cienfuegos.

Telephone: CPPC: 525424. Museum Fortaleza: 965402

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It is a new type event responding to the studies on local identities and shows the need to widen the work field on cultural heritage.

Investigations related to popular and traditional celebrations, foods and drinks, orality and others. The contests of Race of the Red Snapper and that of foods from El Castillo community are developed. Activities with the inhabitants of the fishing and marine communities of the Castle of Jagua are developed.


General subjects:

Determination of the immaterial patrimony.

Presentation of various materials of videos.

Ethno-historic development of immaterial heritage.

Methodologies and techniques, procedures and more effective tools of the trade in the investigation of the patrimony.

The system of documentation and files. Proposals.

The automation of the files. Main experiences.

The conservation of the immaterial patrimony. Experiences and perspectives.

Evaluations of rescue of the immaterial patrimony and of its intangibility.

Legislation and immaterial patrimony.

Rescue of patrimony.

Presentation of digital materials and websites.

Dissertations and theoretical debates about the institutional work about investigations and projects of the immaterial patrimony.

Registration fee: $ 30,00 Cuban Pesos.