This Month in History

Cultural center Benny More


Monday 5:00 pm. Concert of the Union group.

Tuesday. 5:00 pm. Presentation by Ingrid Rodríguez and Trova Jazz.

Wednesday. 10:00 pm. Night of trios with the  Arpa trio.

Thursday. 5:00 pm. Novo Trova with the Novo brothers and guests.

Friday. 6:00 pm. Presentation of the "Giros" Company

Saturdays 5:00 pm. Isla Bella Group.

4th Saturday. 5:00 pm. Guateque de Feijóo

Sundays. 11:00 am. Presentation of the Duo Así Son.

Sundays. 5:00 pm. Presentation by the soloist Doraida Tillet

English version Héctor Hernández Oropesa