Thursday, October 21, 2021
Group exhibition embraces art

Group exhibition embraces art

Creators from the Saíz Brothers Association (AHS) and...

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

Music returned this Wednesday to the big stages of...

"Los Elementos", National Prize for Community Culture 2021: Filled with Pleasure

The National Community Culture Award 2021, granted by...

  • Group exhibition embraces art

    Group exhibition embraces art

  • El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

    El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban...

  • "Los Elementos", National Prize for Community...


"Saving a memory," a new documentary by Bis Music

The documentary "Saving a memory" was presented last Saturday at UNEAC Gardens as part of the celebration for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the "Eusebio Dolphin" Recording Studio in Cienfuegos. This audiovisial by this producer, director and musical producer belongs to Bis Music Artex musical label. Jose Manuel Garcia, had his main inspiration in paying a tribute especially to those who wagered twenty years to create and achieve their effort and dedication, a recording studio in Cienfuegos that serves to make an important sound record of Cuban artists who did not live in Havana and in the eastern region and in turn serves as a bridge between the regions of the island.

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The Rolling Stones in 2016 Cuba

During Obama´s visit to Cuba there was also another important event a concert by one of the most significant band from the history of rock music: The Rolling Stones´ concert in Havana.  Wow! Who would think on Sunday, after Obama´s visit that on March 25th 2016 this mythic ban woul be in Cuba. The concert in Havana is the climax of the avalanche of international celebrities that visited Cuba after December 17th 2014 when Cuba and the USA restablished their political relations as part of what some call the Cuba "boom" and which this reporter prefers to identify as the powerful attraction made by a wonderful country with an incredible history full of heroes and historical events that we can not forget and which was isolated by the USA.  

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Corina Mestre and the poetry of her theater

A girl sits in front of the television set. A man talks and she looks at the clock with the usual impatience. She looks dwon to her feet. The man finally stops talking. The “Papaloteros”, a television adventure show begins. A woman is displayed on the screen. Everything is black and white. The girl stands, runs and looks for her mother: "that one, what is her name"?. Corina Mestre, she is one of the best of Cuba, answers the mother and goes back to the kitchen.

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