Tuesday, April 13, 2021
The whispering spirit of Adelaida

The whispering spirit of Adelaida

Today, April 12, one of the female voices of...

Cienfueguera Culture Week 2021

Cienfueguera Culture Week 2021

 On January 1, 1819, Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Juan...

  • 22nd  Virtual International Biennial of Graphic Humor

    22nd Virtual International Biennial of Graphic...

  • The whispering spirit of Adelaida

    The whispering spirit of Adelaida

  • Cienfueguera Culture Week 2021

    Cienfueguera Culture Week 2021


Cuba in the collective imagination of the U.S.A

The concept of collective imagination or imaginary has become general in a relatively recent time. It is referred to the popular vision on important themes, including how do we see ourselves and how to we see other nations. In the case of Cuba, the psychologist Carolina de la Torre investigated about this subject in the context of a wider research about our cultural identity. She appreciated then our high degree of self-esteem considering the educational development of the country and certain natural intelligence. Much of it was thanks to the work of the Revolution and the performance of its international projection, in contrast to the image that we had formed because of the deep deception caused by the U.S intervention, the imposition of the Platt Amendment with its derivatives, the geographic fatalism and the political and economic dependency.

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Manuel Orestes Nieto: a sharp but not glassed word

Carrying an unusual historical vision, full of experiences, told as a testimony and far from dogmatism. Manuel Orestes Nieto transcends the Latin American literature scenario because he goes beyond the borders of his homeland: Panama.  This is one of the main reasons making such a wonderful opportunity to listen to one of the most outstanding voices from the continent, especially due to his attraction to the region´s political life. Passing by Cienfuegos as a member of the Casa de las Americas´s award 2015 he agree to have an exchange with journalists from the local media.

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The Cuban cinema is in good condition

This December started so cold, maybe because of the warmth of the 36th Cinema Festival. In Havana the temperature did not go over 24 degrees, not even a single day. Despite that, there were many people making lines at the cinemas. It was wonderful! I saw many boys and girls dressed like if there were 30 degrees. Off course, most of the cinema lovers wore their coats. 

I think that the first and most important award for each of the competing films - and I quote the actor Jorge Perugorría - who said that it is the audience and its complicity with the loved films. or silence and refusal in the case of movies not very well welcomed. Such a massive attendance was justified by the fact that the film sample was of the highest quality with and international diversity supported by several awards and recognitions in very important cinema festivals across the world. There were also five Cuban films in the competence. Films like "La pared de las palabras" by Fernando Pérez; "Conducta" by Ernesto Daranas; "Fátima o el Parque de la Fraternidad" by Jorge Perugorría; "Venecia" by Enrique Álvarez; and "Vestido de Novia" by Marilyn Solaya in addition to a non-competing film by Juan Carlos Cremata: "Contigo pan y cebolla". Five out of these films were premiered in this event. 

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