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Group exhibition embraces art

Group exhibition embraces art

Creators from the Saíz Brothers Association (AHS) and...

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

Music returned this Wednesday to the big stages of...

"Los Elementos", National Prize for Community Culture 2021: Filled with Pleasure

The National Community Culture Award 2021, granted by...

  • Group exhibition embraces art

    Group exhibition embraces art

  • El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban culture

    El patio de mi casa: Cienfuegos' song to Cuban...

  • "Los Elementos", National Prize for Community...


When the Cuban theater represented the redemptive countryside

Havana at the beginning of 1869 gathered most of the supporters to the Spanish colonial rule of the island, from all social layers, while the Cuban population was under the extreme surveillance and control to avoid the last colonial capital of the Spanish empire to show  any sign of rebellion and sympathy to the independents ideas of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in his sugar mill La Demajagua on October 10th in the previous year.

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Amelia Peláez, open sky identity.

When on January 8th 1959 the rebels of the Caravan of Freedom entered in Havana, at the top of La Rampa street at El Vedado there was already an imposing tourist installation, that exhibited in its facade a splendid mural of ceramics. The hotel, opened just a year before, belonged to the American chain Hilton. The bilders had ordered the mural to one of the most recognized Cuban artists, Amelia Peláez. During three months, from January 8th, Fidel Castro would install his headquarters at room 2324. The bearded, just arrived from the Sierra Maestra, radically changed the human surroundings of the hotel. Shortly after, when passing to state administration, the hotel also changed its name to Habana Libre.

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Cienfuegos´ Abrakadabra Company makes theaters to be crowded while building values

Nowadays, natiowide, there is a crisis in theater attendance. No matter the quality of the shows the audience is still scarce. In such context, the fact that the Abrakadabra Children Company handles to crowd theaters is something different. At the beginning, of course, it was not that way; but years later the company managed to attract the attention of thousands of children from the city and the province due t its varied shows and incredible talent.  

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