Cienfuegos: a city of proud and privilege

The Pearl of the South is one of those diverse nicknames of Cienfuegos, a city with a French taste, capable of pleasing the locals and the foreigners. That´s why every year, thousands come to visit it. A lot has been written and said about this charming city which is attractive due to its history, infrastructure, cuisine and culture.

From the emblematic Ferrer Palace, with its amazing viewpoint; the Tomás Terry theater with its 125 years, recently celebrated; the cathedral of La Purísima Concepción, with its asymmetric towers; the Spanish Casino and the Union Hotel are capable of touching our souls until getting to the amazing bay of Jagua, which as is like a natural mirror These are some of the most important buildings in the city with its well-known names, described each of them in countless times by poets and historians. 

Many say it is better to meet the city at day, because of the beauty of its buildings which need the admired to their full light. They make visitors to come out of the hotels and make tours to meet its wide and clean streets.It is also the city of domes, another nickname which authorized personalities confirm. It majestic sculptures from different sizes and shapes produce a visual space worthy to be seen. 

It has a well given fame of city of arts, education, it could also have the nickname of Light City - without competing with Paris - because its institutions of art and education cause a unique way to see and feel this part of the island. Small stalls (private or state-ran) destined to sell different products, cheer the city, even in our short winter when just 14 degrees scary our thermometers, and so, the city uses the lights to counter the loss of natural green and attracts the attention of visitors the whole year. 

A typical winter day can give us a our of melancholy at dawn, with sporadic rain, as an eternal companion of the sun, hidden sometimes, when it is not able to warm up the spaces declared world heritage in 2005 by an expert team in Durban, South Africa. 

As usual, when summer comes the social life is more intense It is usual to spend hours at the José Martí square or the city´s long Prado avenue, as the locals call the former Independence avenue which calls for having lunch in one of its restaurants or terraces that surround one of the most beautiful cities of Cuba, looking from the long distance one of those trees 

 Getting deep into definitions would be a mistake Coming here to visit it and to enjoy it as it is, that's more than a privilege.  

The author is a Historian and specialist in Heritage Management.

Translated by: Osmany Ortiz González (Azurina)