Provincial Literature Award "Fidel Entre Nosotros 2021" (Fidel among Us 2021)

The Center for Literary Promotion "Florentino Morales" of the Provincial Center of Book and Literature of Cienfuegos, with the aim of encouraging the habit of reading from early ages, calls for the Provincial Literature Award for all ages: "Fidel among Us", will be competed in poetry, on the figure of Fidel Castro Ruz.


 *   Children from 9 years of age may participate.
 *  The contestants' works must be unpublished and may not be participating in any other contest of this kind.
 * Works written in legible or typed handwriting and good spelling will be accepted.
 *The following information must be clearly indicated on the cover sheet:

- Participant's name

- Number of the child's ID card

- Home address and municipality

- Grade

- Telephone number where you can be reached

    The deadline for receipt of entries is Wednesday, November 6, 2021.
    These works will be delivered to the Center for Literary Research and Promotion "Florentino Morales", located at Ave. 50 #3904 e/. 39 y 41, Cienfuegos.Cuba .POSTAL CODE: 55100.
    Prizes will consist of diplomas, books and other gifts.
    The results will be announced on November 25, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. in the Mecenas Room of the Ateneo Bookstore "Dionisio San Román".


Florentino Morales" Center for Literary Research and Promotion
Telephone: 43525592