Provincial Literature Award for Children and Adolescents "My Book" 2021

The Center for Literary Promotion "Florentino Morales" of the Provincial Center of Books and Literature of Cienfuegos, with the aim of promoting the habit of reading from an early age, announces the Provincial Literature Award for children and adolescents: "My Book", which consists of the selection by these of their favorite work and write the substantiation of the reason that led them to choose it.


    Students from 2nd to 12th grade are eligible to participate. 
    Nine prizes will be awarded to the same number of the best-substantiated works of primary education (both cycles) and secondary education, and pre-university as many mentions as the jury deems appropriate.
    Works written in legible or typed handwriting and good spelling will be accepted.
    The following information should be clearly indicated on the cover sheet:

- Name of the participant

- Child's ID number

- Home address and municipality

- Grade

- School to which he/she belongs

- Telephone number where you can be reached

    The reception of the works will conclude on Tuesday, November 13, 2021.
    These works will be delivered to the Center for Literary Research and Promotion "Florentino Morales", located at Ave. 50 #3904 e/. 39 y 41, Cienfuegos. POSTAL CODE: 55100.
    The Jury will award two Special Prizes, one for the best work done by a resident of the Escambray and the other for the best work on a book published by any of our provincial publishers (Mecenas or Reina del Mar).
    Prizes will consist of diplomas, books and other gifts.
    The results will be announced on Friday, November 26, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. in the Mecenas Room of the Ateneo Bookstore "Dionisio San Román" and a public recognition will be made to the winners in their respective school centers by the


Center for Research and Literary Promotion "Florentino Morales".
Telephone: 43-525592